How do I access Xero Projects or Xero Payroll?

Xero Projects and Xero Payroll add-ons are additional costs to your Xero subscription, that means that if you do add or subtract people regularly, the cost of your Xero subscription can change frequently. If you wish to use these add-ons you'll need to personally hold your Xero subscription. If we hold your Xero subscription and you decide you want to use either Xero Payroll or Xero Projects, talk to your RightWay Regional Team Coordinator, who'll make the necessary updates and transfer your Xero subscription back to you to pay.

For more information about Xero Projects click here.

For more information about Xero Payroll click here.

If you're a RightWay customer and unsure about who to contact to discuss these changes email or call 0800 555 024.