Why do I keep getting security questions on HubDoc?

As a RightWay customer, you'll be asked to connect your bank accounts to HubDoc. This is so HubDoc can fetch your bank statements for us automatically - instead of asking you. You might also use the system to save you extra time and fetch invoices or other documents from different sources also. 

When you first set a connection up, you'll usually be asked the security questions associated with your account - e.g. "What's your mother's maiden name?". These are the same questions you'll have set up with your bank or other provider. If you've got 2-factor authentication (2FA) turned on with any of these accounts, you might also be asked to enter your authentication code. 

You might find that you'll answer one of these security questions and the link works, then, a day or a week later, you're being asked for more security information. This article explains why you might find this issue occurring. 

Scenario 1: I am being asked multiple questions which are different each time.

If you're getting multiple questions, but they're different each time, this is because the account you've connected uses multiple security questions - for most New Zealand banks you'll have 3-5 security questions. So, if you've only answered one question, Hubdoc is asking you to answer the rest. 

Each time Hubdoc comes across a new security question, it needs you to answer it so it can keep fetching documents. When you answer a question, Hubdoc remembers it. This means if you answer all your questions you shouldn't need to answer these questions again. To speed up this process, you can manually click the Update Accounts button which will attempt to reconnect to your account. This reconnection process often surfaces new questions. Click the Update Accounts button several times until the connection is no longer surfacing new questions. 

Scenario 2: I am being asked the same questions multiple times 

If you're being asked the same question multiple times it might be that you've answered the question incorrectly. When you answer a question, Hubdoc submits your answer to the website associated with your account (e.g. your internet banking provider) and if the answer is wrong it's rejected, so HubDoc marks the question as unanswered and asks you again.

The best solution is to double check that you're entering the right answer (look out for capital letters, punctuation and spaces) To confirm your answer, check your security settings on the website you want Hubdoc to connect to (i.e. your internet banking provider if connecting your bank account).

Scenario 3: I keep being asked for my 2-factor authentication (2FA) code

2-factor authentication is a security method where a secondary piece of information, such as a numeric code, is sent to a mobile device via SMS or an authenticator application in order to access an account.

Hubdoc can connect to websites that use 2FA, and once you enter your 2FA code into Hubdoc, Hubdoc will successfully fetch your documents. For security purposes, many of these websites require you to periodically enter a new authentication code - sometimes as often as every 30 days. This means that even if you have entered one of these codes into Hubdoc in the past, you may have to enter it again. This is a setting enforced by third party connection that Hubdoc cannot influence.

Hubdoc will ask for your 2FA code only as often as the third-party website requires it. If you would like to reduce the frequency of 2FA requests, you may be able to manage this in the settings of the third-party website. 

Scenario 4: Hubdoc is experiencing a technical issue

Sometimes, a technical issue with one of Hubdoc's automated connections may result in a repeating request for a question or a 2FA code, even if you're answering the questions correctly.

If you are confident that you are entering the answers to these questions correctly and continue to receive security questions, please let us know, we will report a problem to the support team at HubDoc who can investigate.

If you're a RightWay customer and have any other questions, or would like additional support please contact your accountant by calling 0800 555 024 or emailing info@rightway.co.nz.