Is Hubdoc secure?

Data security is a core element of Hubdoc, who have a security policy that takes an extensive, layered approach, integrating industry-leading security measures into procedures, applications and infrastructure. 

Hubdoc is built with multiple layers of security to protect your personal information. These include: 

  1. Login Security. Your login password is secured using a 256-bit salted hash.
  2. Encryption. Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology is used to encrypt your personal information using the highest encryption algorithm available -- the same algorithm utilized by the top U.S. financial institutions.
  3. Third-Party Verification. Industry leaders McAfee perform daily scans on Hubdoc for vulnerabilities and TRUSTe to certify our privacy practices. For more information on these services, see McAfee's Secure Site and TRUSTe's service.
  4. Data Centre Security. Hubdoc's data centres are monitored by closed circuit television systems and protected by onsite security teams around the clock. All access is controlled by a military-grade passcard system. Their data centres comply with national, international and industry standards relating to security.
  5. "Read-Only" Data Separation. Hubdoc pulls all of your bills and statements from your accounts to help you get organized but we do not have the ability to make account changes of any kind. This means that no one, including you, can use your Hubdoc account to access your money or make changes to any of your household accounts.