How to I export a statement from my online banking?

To export a csv. file for your online banking (not exact – but should not vary too much – each bank is slightly different):

  1. Login to internet banking
  2. Select the account you want to download transactions for
  3. You may need to go to a ‘view statements’ or ‘view transaction history’ if you cannot click into your account by just selecting it to see the transactions
  4. Insert date range required in the search/export (ASB, ANZ, KiwiBank) or download option.
  5. Make sure in all cases you select the CSV option.
    (“CSV file” in ANZ, “CSV- Generic” in ASB, “CSV dd/mm/yy” in Westpac, “comma separated values (CSV)” in Kiwibank)
  6. Click export or save (this will now be saved on your PC to the default place for downloads)
  7. Open your email/outlook and attach files and send.

If you have any questions please contact your RightWay accountant, email or call 0800 555 024