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How do I complete my CloudCheck request?

As an accounting firm, we must comply with New Zealand’s anti-money laundering laws. This means we must take steps to verify that you are who you say you are. To make this verification process quick and simple for you, we have invested in new facial recognition technology.

We use facial recognition technology to biometrically match your face to the picture on your ID. In order for us to do this you will be sent a link via a text message or email from RightWay. You'll be asked to: 

  • Enter in the details of your NZ driver licence or your passport
  • Follow prompts to take photos of your face and identification 

This information is then verified through a third party called Cloudcheck, to check and confirm your ID and address. No personal data is retained by us during the processing of verification transactions. We store the outcome of each transaction only.

How to complete your verification

1. Ensure you’re in a situation where you can easily take photographs of yourself, and that you have one of the following documents in front of you:
➢ NZ or AUS Drivers’ License
➢ NZ or AUS Passport
➢ NZ or AUS Birth Certificate

Note: Our systems do not verify overseas identifications outside of those in Australia. If you're unable to complete your verification because you've got an overseas passport, please contact your RightWay team. 

2. Open the text message received from RightWay

3. Complete all the empty fields as requested - exactly as they are listed on your passport/driver’s license. Please note: We may have pre-populated this for you, if we have done so and any of this information looks incorrect, please contact RightWay for a new verification text message. 

4. Select which document you would like to use to verify your Date of Birth, ensuring you have this document readily available in front of you

  • If using a driver’s license, you will need to licence number and license version
  • If using your passport, you will need your passport number and passport expiry
  • If using a birth certificate, you will need the certificate registration number


  • If using an Australian Birth certificate, you will also be asked to list your gender
  • If using an Australian Drivers License, you will also be asked to list the state in which the license was issued

To help ensure the check is successful, you can also list your vehicle registration, of a vehicle registered in your name. Just check the box ‘Vehicle Registration’ and provide the number plate of your vehicle

5. Check the box to confirm that you agree to use searching the databases listed to check your identity
6. Select Continue 
7. You'll be directed to the below page, click next
8. Allow access to your camera
9. Take a photograph on the front of your face – take off any hats/sunglasses or and push your hair back behind your ears. Please try not to re-take more than twice, as there is a limit of tries available.
Next take a photograph of your face tilted to a 45-degree angle. You will be viewing your shoulder in your peripheral vision. Hit save when complete. 
10. Finally, take a photo of your identification document and press save. This check will be sent to your team and if any extra information is required (e.g. extra proof of address is often required as you might have not updated/provided your current address to the government agencies our third party uses to verify your details)