How do I set up my Hubdoc account when you ask me to?

RightWay has partnered with Hubdoc to make sharing documents a breeze. You'll have received an email from us asking you to set up your account. To do so, follow the below steps. 

1. Click on the link in the email that you've received from Hubdoc 


2. Create your Hubdoc account by filling in the fields provided - it's easiest if you use the same email address that your initial email was sent to. For your company name, use the same name as your Xero subscription. Ensure you agree to the Terms and Conditions before you hit accept. 

3. You'll now be taken to Hubdoc - click on the add accounts button if promoted, or select from your screen

4. Click on the icon for your bank or supplier

4. Enter your log in credentials as you would if logging to your account on internet banking or the suppliers website. 

5. The system will then begin fetching documents, this might take some time. If you're finding you're waiting for a period of time simply leave Hubdoc and return later. If you continue to have issues please email or your usual RightWay contact and we can touch base with Hubdoc to resolve. 

6. Answer any security questions usually attached to your account.

Note: Hubdoc works best when you've answered all the security questions associated with your account. If all security questions aren't answered then the system may stop fetching documents as it wants more questions answered. If you know there are security questions the system hasn't asked you in this initial set up,  hit update until you've answered them all. If you're having issues with this step, click here for more information, or contact the team. 


7. Voila! All your documents should now be flowing through the connection and you should be able to see these on your dashboard as below:

8. Hit the 'Bills and Statements' tab on the left hand side and check which accounts have pulled through. If there are any you do not want to be there, follow the steps here

9. All done! Repeat this step for any other bank account or supplier you want Hubdoc to fetch for.