What do I need to do in order to dismiss an employee on a 90 Day Trial Period?

The notice required for terminating an employee during a trial period is what is specified in the employment agreement. That is, if four weeks’ notice is required under the agreement then the same is the case during a trial period. The Employer may specify a shorter notice period during the trial period.

Failing to give appropriate notice to an employee will mean the trial period is invalid and the worker will remain employed. The notice for dismissal must also be given in writing during the trial period, regardless of when it is required by notice. For example, if the notice period is one week and the trial period is six weeks, then you must give notice prior to the end of the sixth week.

In dismissing an employee on a trial period, you do not need to give reasons for their dismissal, but best practice is to give a reason or at least feedback to ensure the employee has learnt something from the trial period in line with good faith provisions. If an employee asks for a reason though, you must provide a reason for dismissal