What happens after I’ve registered for GST?

Once you've registered for GST you'll be obligated to file GST in line with how often you've chosen to pay GST and how you've chosen to claim and return GST.

For most RightWay customers, GST returns will become part of your package and we will complete and file the return for you when it's time to do so.

What you need to do when it's GST time

As a customer, you will need to do a few simple things when it's time to file your GST return:

  1. Reconcile Xero as soon as you can at the end of your GST period (e.g. say it's 1 October and you're required to file GST by 31st of the month, you'll need to reconcile Xero for the months of August and September). We'll send you email reminders when it's time to do this.
  2. Check that your bank account balances match your Xero bank balance
  3. Let your accountant know before 10th September, so they can finalise your GST return

If you're GST is on invoice basis you'll need to make sure all your invoices for last month have been entered in to Xero before letting your accountant know that your GST is ready to be processed. 

If you have any questions about your GST at any time please call us on 0800 555 024 to speak to your accountant or email info@rightway.co.nz.