What is the most efficient way to add bills on Xero?

There are two ways to enter bills on Xero either via the files library on Xero or by using Hubdoc. Using either of these methods is encouraged to make sure you've attached a source document to every bill entered into Xero. 

With Hubdoc and Xero, manual bookkeeping tasks like document collection and data entry are automated, making bank reconciliation and financial document management a breeze.

Hubdoc uses industry-leading technologies to auto-extract key data from your bills and receipts and get it accurately into Xero. For full list of what bills Hubdoc can pull through for you automatically see here

Hubdoc is free to RightWay customers and is included in all Xero plans from 18 March 2020. We highly encourage all RightWay customers to use Hubdoc. We can easily set you up on Hubdoc so please email and ask if you're keen to use the software for your business. You can see 

If you're a RightWay customer and you have any questions please contact your RightWay accountant, email info@rightway.co.nz or call 0800 555 024